Upcoming Projects

I've got two projects lined up for next week.

1. I'm making a custom tankini swimsuit for one of my daughter's friends. I'm using the out of print Jalie 2006 as my inspiration.

2. One of my friends is having me embroider four beach bags with first names, and designs that match those people's personalities.

When I realized I needed to search through all of my embroidery designs for four specific designs, I realized it was time for me to face reality: I absolutely had to the dreaded embroidery design organization. This may not sound like a big deal, but when I purchased my first embroidery machine on ebay years ago, enclosed was a CD with literally hundreds of designs on it. Add to that the many designs I've ordered from internet providers over the year. These were all sorted haphazardly and it was always a lucky day if I could find exactly what I was looking for.

It took me three days to get them all sorted, but I now feel like I can go forward with new projects with a clearer mind. This always really bugged me, but now... it is DONE!

See all those Embroidery Designers over on the side bar? I didn't realize how many of them there were, but I'm putting them on a link list as kind of a 'bookmark' for me and to help any of you that are looking for new designs. There are some seriously cute applique designs out there!


A Birthday Gift

Since I know my 7 year old doesn't read this blog, I can share with you what I just made for her birthday in May. During our recent trip to Disneyland, she fell in love with Minnie. Because she is need of a new bath towel, I figured this would be the perfect time to use some really fun Minnie red/white dot material.

I used a tutorial I found here to decorate the towel.

Here is the towel hanging:

Full view:

Close up of hanger.

I'm thinking she needs her name above one of the fabric strips in a bright red. Any font suggestions?

*UPATE* I've found the font to use here. I've even digitized her name... I just didn't have time to get it on the towel before the link party today.

Yes, today is a linky party with House of Hepworths. Go check her out! She inspired me to burn my fingers with my glue gun yesterday when I made my very first decor ball.


Recent embroidery projects from Embroitique

Several months ago, I stumbled along an Etsy treasure I didn't know existed: embroidery designs from private designers that I could purchase as individual designs. I purchased designs from a few designers and have since purchased more from one of my favorite designer's websites:

Here are some of the items I have embellished with the designs I purchased there:

1. A bag for my daughter's birthday. I picked up this shoulder bag on a clearance rack for $5. Adding this Ballerina design made it look like a high end bag, and best of all, it looks like the design was always there!

2. I made some burp cloths for a friend who had a baby and used the Tinker Toy Alphabet to put the baby's name on it.

3. I used the Bethany Monogram Design to add a monogram and a name to some suitcases. These turned out so pretty!

4. I used the Necktie applique to make a super cute onesie as a baby gift. I thought I took a photo of it, but I can't find it, so you'll have to imagine this design with a navy plaid tie.

If you do machine embroidery, you'll have to check them out. There are so many cute designs that they offer!