Teacher gifts

Do you still have teachers to give end of year gifts to? Here's a fun idea that our girls did for their teachers.

The Candy Bar Card.

Here's Ashley's:

and here's Sadie's:

After we finished, we rolled them up like this to make it easy to carry and for fun presentation. The ribbon was from the dollar rack at Michaels.

Patrick had fabulous teachers, but he did have four of them, so we sent each of them a bottle of fresh strawberry jam with a nice little handwritten thank you note from him.

It was a great school year for all the kids and I am so very thankful for their teachers!



Minnie Towel- Done!

Here's a quick picture of the finished towel:

You can read more about how I put it together here

She LOVES her new towel. We found a Minnie towel at the local Disney store and I put her name on that as well using the same font. I just love this font that I purchased from KaboDesigns.


Finished today: Two fun aprons

A few days ago, one of my friends frantically called to see if I could make two aprons for her friends' joint birthday party. Here were my instructions: Make them bright, and both friends love wine. That covers a lot of ground! Thankfully, I was able to run a few embroidery ideas by a mutual friend and came up with these super cute aprons:

I got a phone call right after they opened them and they LOVED them! Which makes me really happy! I love it when I get it right!

I found the embroidery design at Sew Forum here. (You may need to have a password to see it and download it.) The font is Harrington which you can download here. The apron is McCalls 5720.